Why video’s versatility makes it such a great investment

By June 27, 2018YouTube


What does your marketing consist of? Chances are you use a combination of offline and online campaigns, perhaps implementing a mix of direct mail, social media, SEM, and print advertising. But how much of that content can you re-use for different campaigns?

While businesses comprehend the value of their marketing spend, they also, understandably, want to get a return on their investment. Different channels have their own needs, audiences, and requirements. But, what if there were a marketing strategy that could provide a wealth of content that could be used in different campaigns and on different channels?

Thankfully, there is such an option. Enter, video marketing! As Business2Community recently discussed, adopting a video-first marketing strategy could enable your company to reap the rewards of video’s versatility. Let’s take a closer look…

Repurposing possibilities

If you think that video only offers a one-time use scenario, guess again! With corporate video production, businesses are provided with the opportunity to extract numerous pieces of individual content that can be repurposed elsewhere.

So, how is this all possible? Looking at video from a technical perspective Business2Community describes these pieces of content as consisting of 24 still frames per second that are shown in rapid succession, producing the illusion of motion. This is then coupled with audio track synced up with the video.

By adopting a video-first approach, your marketing ideas will be based on the technical way in which video works but creatively grow around that. Through this understanding of video, you’ll not only create more engaging video content, but you’ll be able to produce the content in a way that will enable you to generate a bucket-load of other marketing materials.

For example, once your video is completed, you can extract material for other channels such as: stills from the video; using graphics of animations featured in the video elsewhere, such as on your online advertising campaign or in your next email; pulling audio for online or broadcast marketing; cutting video to create shorter social media clips.

While any video has the potential for repurposing, animated explainer videos have the greatest versatility. These are often created in software programs, such as Adobe After Effects, where designers pull together individual graphical elements that are animated together in a compelling company video.

Typically, such videos are created from scratch, with hundreds of media assets being involved in the project. The beauty of this is that it leaves you with a wealth of materials, from the primary video for distribution, to the images, text elements, and written content that can be used in non-video related marketing materials, ranging from email campaigns, presentations, event displays, customer support material, blog posts, and social media content – to name just a few!

Longer shelf life

Another one of the big benefits of video is that it has a longer lifespan than the majority of other marketing content. As your company’s messaging isn’t likely to change drastically over a number of years, so your video content will remain relevant. Depending on the evolution of your company’s offerings, your case study or service overview videos should also last around three to five years.

Invest to get the best

As with anything, you get what you pay for. While this doesn’t mean that you need to invest your entire marketing budget in video marketing (which wouldn’t be advisable!), you will get much greater quality video content if you pay for a video production company to help with your video marketing strategy than if you just relied on your team capturing videos on their smartphones. The higher quality your video, the more versatile it will be.

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