Five popular and effective video marketing content ideas

By July 10, 2018YouTube

The numbers don’t lie. And the numbers continue to show just how popular video is among brands and consumers.

Proving, yet again, the appetite for videos of all lengths, Instagram recently launched its new feature, IGTV, which supports videos of up to an hour long.

Brands now have even more platforms and opportunities to create and share video content to engage, educate and spark conversations with their audiences. While you might have the tools to share your videos, you also need to make sure you have exciting content ideas if you really want to succeed in your video marketing campaign.

If you’re stuck at content generation, Social Barrel recommends implementing a mix of these popular video content ideas to boost the effectiveness of your video marketing:

Product videos

Product videos are a great way of simplifying and answering frequently asked questions regarding any of your products. They are also an essential tool if you want to tease and build interest around any new or upcoming products or services. Product videos provide you with a clear and shareable platform to show how the product works and the benefits it brings.

To help encourage customers to picture how your product will fit into their life, make sure the theme of the video focuses on how the product will benefit and improve their lives.

Company videos

Consumers and potential future staff are increasingly seeking deeper connections with brands. They want to know who they are buying from, instead of just what they are buying. Company videos are a superb way of showing who and what your company is, what you stand for, and what your visions and corporate missions are.

But, how do you make a good company video? Show a little sneak-peek of your office life and get in-house talents to discuss what sets your company apart and what you do. You can then add this video to your profile and website to give visitors, be they customers or job-seeking talent, an overview of your brand, mission and vision.

TV ads

The original of video marketing, TV ads are still just as relevant today. Whether you opt for local, national or international, TV is still the go-to medium for sharing video content. Even short ads can provide you with the opportunity to build creative for your brand.

Whether you use a problem-solution storyline, an educational narrator, or a slick-of-life format, and opt for locally targeted ads or a national campaign, TV ads remain a powerful way to reach customers and grow brand reach.

App teaser

Of course, not every business has their own app but, if you do, an app teaser that highlights its cutting-edge features will help build excitement, understanding, and stand out from the heavily populated app scene.

With apps, most customers won’t commit to a download if they don’t know how it works or what it has to offer. Therefore, a quick app video explaining these details can help boost downloads.

And remember to keep it simple. Your app should do all the talking so don’t worry about a voiceover or narrator. You could even recruit potential users and film them using the app.


If your product or service is a little more complex, a short and snappy product video might not be enough to convey all of the necessary details.

If this is case, an animated how-to video can be the ideal solution. With animation, you can develop environments, role players and settings to truly explain those complex topics in an easy video.

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