Live streaming videos and the impact on your SEO

By July 17, 2018YouTube

What comes to your mind when you think of live streaming videos? Perhaps faint memories of Periscope or Twitch float back into your mind or you think of celebrities doing live streams on Instagram. But live videos aren’t just a thing of the past or for famous faces, it can also be an innovative and powerful tool for brands.

Of course, you can’t just jump on the bandwagon for the sake of it, it has to bring value to your business. But, as Adweek discussed, there are already stats to prove its effectiveness.

More than three quarters (78%) of Facebook audiences regularly watch live video. And if that wasn’t enough, live videos can help tackle the social media giant’s fickle algorithm. A study from Search Engine Journal found that live videos on Facebook receive 600% more interactions than their pre-recorded counterparts.

But there’s yet another benefit of live videos. Writing for Adweek, co-author of The Art of SEO, Stephan Spencer, explained that they are also great for SEO.

In 2016 Facebook’s ranking algorithm changed to give preference to live videos, while YouTube promotes YouTube Live videos to the top of relevant search results when the video is still live.

It’s not hard to see why social platforms are so infatuated with live video – it provides users with the latest information and has high audience engagement, increasing site time and boosting ad views and ad revenue.

While there are numerous platforms available, YouTube and Facebook have the biggest impact on SEO. These two sites also enable the embedding of streams, helping you to send people to your website.

How to use live streaming in your SEO strategy

Boost your SEO strategy with the following live video considerations:


Just as you would with more traditional video, you need to include keywords in the title and video description. Google Trends is a great tool to conduct YouTube keyword research. This is important because search engines can’t understand the audio of your video, so it needs the text descriptions to help it understand how to categorise your video.

While you might want to have an eye-catching title, if you’re too obscure, your stream might not be indexed properly.

Don’t forget about quality

Yes, live streaming is live, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to scrimp on the quality. While this doesn’t mean you need to go and invest in HD equipment, you do need to make sure the image is focused, crisp and clear and that the sound is audible.

Have an idea in mind

You can’t just start live streaming and hope for the best, you still need to put thought into the content you want to share. The goals of video marketing will always be to generate backlinks and increase viewing time, so make sure your stream stands out and is engaging.

Live stream the right types of content

Live videos don’t work on every occasion, so what should you stream? Live stream a conference you’re attending, a talk you’re giving, or a workshop you’re running for people who can’t make it. Remember to set up a dedicated page on your website for people to easily find the link.

Other live streaming ideas include exclusive interviews, sports matches, online gaming, live music or comedy, how to videos, cooking shows, or science experiments. Just make sure the content is actually relevant to your brand.

Repurpose the content

Not only are live streams quick and easy to create, they also provide you with plenty of content that can be repurposed and shared across your website and marketing channels. Embed the final video to your site, along with an audio transcript, and consider creating a highlight video for your social accounts, pull quotes to create images, or use the audio to form the basis of a blog post to be shared on your site or with a industry-relevant publication.

Live streaming is definitely an increasingly popular video format, but you shouldn’t turn your back on more traditional video. For the most effective video marketing, you should employ a range of formats that can be shared via your different marketing channels to get the right content to the right audience, at the right time. For more effective video distribution, speak to Spot Digital today.