A guide to working with influencers

By October 1, 2018YouTube

Most of us consume huge volumes of content every day, but how much of it do we actually trust?

Research by Twitter says the majority of us (56%) only really trust our friends and family when it comes to buying a product or service. But coming a close second (49%) is trusting recommendations from influencers.

These influencers (aka bloggers and social media personalities) have taken the time to create quality, relevant content and grow their audiences. As a result, their opinions carry significant weight with their followers.

As more brands look for ways to engage with new audiences, HubSpot offers tips on how to connect and collaborate with influencers.

1 Provide products/samples

One way to obtain brand exposure is to place your goods or services in the hands of relevant influencers for them to actively promote. Identify bloggers who share the same values and outlook as your brand, and who are producing quality content. However, be aware that gifting items and services doesn’t guarantee exposure unless pre-agreed, and some influencers will expect payment for any coverage offered.


2 Sponsored posts

A sponsored blog post is written by the influencer, from their perspective and in their own tone and writing style, but is paid for by a brand.

You may want to draw attention to some key messages or features, but the post should remain in the blogger’s unique voice so that it stays authentic and appeals to the readers. Advertising rules state that the post must also include a declaration that it is sponsored. This is mostly common practice now, and helps to raise brand awareness and secure links to authoritative domains.


3 Product reviews

Customers love a product review – particularly if it comes from an influencer they trust.  Product reviews are extremely helpful to both brand and consumer, with 81% of shoppers conducting online research before making a purchase. As such, a positive review from a credible influencer can hold a lot of weight in the decision-making of consumers. Of course, there’s always a risk the influencer will produce a negative review, so it’s important to take the time to build a relationship with them, gather feedback and form a mutual respect and understanding.


4 Influencer competitions

Influencer competitions can be a great way of raising brand awareness, particularly on social media channels with audience participation. It’s a great way for influencers to showcase their skills, brands to promote products and to build social followings with potential consumers.


5 Guest posts

Guest posts can be a great way to get involved with influencers who have a more ‘media’ style site than a traditional blog. These posts are similar to sponsored content and press releases, and can really tell a story about brand messages, products and give a more in-depth insight into a particular business or service.

Many influencers do not accept guest posts – so make sure you do your research before attempting to work with this type of collaboration.

Working with influencers is a sure-fire way to break through the digital noise and get your brand’s message heard. Customers increasingly want marketing to resonate with them, and they want to get recommendations from people they trust. Find the right partner, with the right audience and see where that can take your brand.


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