Online video trends and stats in 2018

By December 6, 2018YouTube

Consumers love video content; as a result, brands and advertisers do, too.

As video marketing becomes bigger than ever and promises to be the future of online marketing, it is essential that marketers understand how, when and where people are watching videos online.

The value of video

A study by PROMO has revealed the extent to which consumers watch online video: 44% watch five or more a day. And of those, about 35% admit they watch more than ten videos daily.

In terms of online video content leaders, Facebook and YouTube are top of the list. The survey showed that users are watching the majority of video on Facebook (47%) and YouTube (41%). Just 12% of respondents said they watched the majority of video on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

When marketers are investing in video, they need to focus on Facebook, repurposing content to be used on other channels. Instead of simply linking to a YouTube video on Facebook, they should upload the video directly as a way to enhance reach and engagement.

Video content that connects

According to the survey, 71% of consumers said they find sponsored video either relevant or highly relevant. This explains the rise in Facebook video ads and confirms that investing in paid social pays off for marketers.

It also highlights the importance of tailoring social content to users. Today’s consumers expect content to be perfectly tailored to their lives, and Facebook and Instagram work hard to curate video to ensure the right people see sponsored content.

The better marketers are able to segment and target their audience and the more high-quality content they produce; videos will continue to resonate with the audience.

Is video content actionable?

More than half (58%) of those questioned confirmed that they react in some way to online video, proving social videos drive tangible results.

70% said they visit a company’s website after watching a video, and 60% said they visit a publisher’s page or profile. This confirms the importance of strategic video with a clear CTA in the wider marketing mix.

In addition, 89% said they read the text or caption on social media video either often or sometimes.

Marketers need to remember that great video content isn’t defined by the number of likes a post gets, but by the action it inspires.

The rising popularity of stories

Inspired by the Snapchat concept, both Facebook and Instagram have created their own versions of ‘stories’ on their platforms, allowing users to share and view time-restricted content.

The survey revealed that 68% of respondents watch Facebook or Instagram stories either all the time or sometimes. However, only 52% of respondents said they post stories. From a marketing perspective, the fact that more people are watching than creating stories could present an opportunity for brands to boost their views.

Stories are particularly popular with millennials – 81% of respondents aged 34 and under said they watched they sometimes or all the time.

Such is the popularity of video content, that social channels will continue to introduce new styles and formats for users to create and share video content. In turn, this will continue to create opportunities for brands to capitalise on these emerging formats and engage more customers online.

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