Top tips for working with travel influencers

By February 12, 2019YouTube

Influencer marketing is on the rise. So much so, it has become one of travel’s most essential marketing tools. Not only are travellers thinking about a destination’s ‘Instagrammability’ before booking, they are increasingly turning to influencers as a top source of travel inspiration. With this in mind, it’s no wonder travel and hospitality brands are taking advantage. But not all influencer marketing campaigns are equal. To be successful they need to be well-executed.

An Econsultancy post suggests five tips on how to make your next travel influencer campaign effective.

1. Be careful who you pick

Choosing the right influencers to work with takes time. You want to make sure they fit with the brand – and their work fits with your guests. Gorgeous people in a gorgeous setting might look good, but it doesn’t always sell.

Look at an influencer’s lifestyle and previous travel – do they align with your services? Will that influencer resonate with your audience and be seen as authentic?

Finally, make sure you’re dealing with a genuine travel influencer, not just a popular blogger or Instagrammer who’s after a free holiday.

2. Go filter free

Just because a photo makes people look, it won’t necessarily make them want to buy. Glossy photos and videos on top of a mountain look slick, but they don’t tell the full story (i.e. the tough trek to get there).

Think about getting rid of the polish and the filters to show what travellers can really expect from a trip. The more sleek social content looks, the less authentic and appealing it becomes to your audience.

3. Manage expectations

Be careful not to set unrealistic expectations. You want content to create interest and excitement, but not so much that you end up conveying a false impression of what travellers will experience.

For example, if a hotel has budget rooms and luxury rooms make sure your content doesn’t focus solely on the more luxurious rooms. Guests arriving with unrealistic expectations are sure to leave disappointed.

4. Respect the local culture

Social media is a powerful tool for tourism, but that should not be at the expense of local environments or cultures.

Consider the impact of tourism on an area when creating your influencer campaigns. Younger consumers’ purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by social and environmental factors.

If you can promote local culture and the protection of environments as part of your campaign, consumer perception of your brand and offering can improve.

5. Consider other guests and clients

Finally, when it comes to creating media for your campaign, remember you have other guests. If your efforts to give an influencer what they want when on-site comes at the expense of paying guests, that’s not good.

Make sure the experience of your other guests and clients is not compromised and that they are not inconvenienced. Those guests might not have thousands of followers on social media, but they will probably use it and won’t be afraid to have their say if things didn’t turn out the way they were expecting.

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